With people continuously travelling around the globe, data accessible to and from airline industries are crucial for understanding tourism.


21st century tracking of goods and materials across borders is more than a necessity for industries and government; it is becoming the norm.

Travel Agents

Providing real-time information on the movement of people in different global locations provides travel agents the precise tools for predicting, engaging, and closing trip itineraries.

Hotels and Restaurants

To access data on length of stay, location of stay and activities performed during a stay allows our system to apply advanced analytics and algorithms for accurate tourism intelligence.


Understanding where travellers are headed, and what their needs will be in a predictive-manner allows car rental companies to position themselves in a better position to serve their visitors.


Often, renting a car is not a feasible or appealing option for many travellers. Government and private charter companies can have access to marketing data that will maximize their revenue and increase efficiency when deploying their fleet.


What better way to engage tourists than align city and country tours based on the analysis of millions of travellers every year. Position tour companies and tourism sector to maximize the tourism economy.


Immigration reform is slowly beginning to happen globally. Verio helps a nation understand how best to position themselves, utilizing cutting edge biometrics and tracking programs to analyze and respond to the needs of an immigration ministry.

API System

Our API system ensure the industries, organizations and stakeholders engaged in Verio require little more than an internet connection to be able to access and provide information to the system.

Channel Partners

Technology is working to break traditional silos between industries and engage in an easy, collaborative way. Data that can be shared and processed across partners in industries and sectors only strengthens each.


The insurance industry is based on risk-minimization for stakeholders; Verio provides real-time data on possible risks and can play a pivotal role in analyzing and assessing travellers to fundamentally change key indicators used for insurance pricing.


Data is becoming fundamental to tourism. Budgets, events, and overall branding activities rely on penetrating the correct demographic in the most efficient and rewarding way. Let Verio lead tourism intelligence and create advanced analytics for every visitor through your border.


The impact of tourism on the safety and security of a country is crucial. Governments are provided the tools for understanding, analyzing, and maintaining a safe and secure border. Tourism boards require proper analysis of data for budgeting and predicting tourism opportunities. Verio provides information on each aspect of the tourism industry available quickly and reliably.