Airline Global

Verio has the capability of integrating with airlines across the global. Through an API access point, two-way data sharing provides airlines with significant information on traveller trends, individual security and the movement of millions of people.

Hotel Global

Tracking, securing and analyzing individuals that move into a hotel provides crucial information for Verio to analyze. Being able to predict trends based on seasons to city-wide conferences, the interpretations are endless.

Bus Booking

Maximizing the efficiency of public and privately owned charter companies remains an obstacle for most. Providing real-time information combined with historical trends allows for cost-saving techniques that can lead to increased profit, and happier clients.

Vacation Packages

As a travel agent, hotel, or even national attraction, having the right data about what people are doing when they visit a location is imperative. Fully customize packages according to the wants of the tourism industry based on advanced analytics from Verio.



The economy relies on real-time information and analytics. The tracking of transactions, the movement of finances and the interrelationship between currencies define today’s economy. Verio can work with financial sector clients to provide the tracking, analyzing, and securing of finance movements between countries and borders, across the world.

Car Booking Engine

One of the most detrimental inefficiences in today’s connected economy is the lack of alignment between governments and organizations alike. In the car-rental industry, receiving automatic data from insurance companies, understanding the fleet movements, and supporting payment and problems in real-time act as a propeller for growth as an industry and for a company.

Travel Portal

The Verio platform exists to create assurance, ease-of-use, security and data analytic benefits for its users. A highly sophisticated travel portal could have the ability to issue visa’s, automatically assess the travel needs of each member and provide real-time security data in the case of a crisis. Verio’s travel portal module has the capabilities to respond to these needs.

Hotel Central Reservation

The verio platform can provide a consolidated system based on a series of APIs with national hotel chains to share and grow their tourism reach through data analysis and measurement. What is better for the overall industry, is always better for the individual organizations.