Our Analytics help to develop effective surveillance methods that can enable the security agencies to detect a threat before it materializes. An eye on Data Analytics to parse through volumes of security data to better identify and act on potential threats and meanwhile it helps to capture the sensitive information.


Banking industry determines the back-bone of the country. As efficient bankers, they will be exposed to different types of risks. Credit risk and market risk are the two prime risks in addition to the operational risk. Verio enables bankers to be smarter by providing them the key analytics realtime synthesizing huge data.


Governance bodies face plethora of challenges with the myriad sources of data and events happening at different places consistently. With Verio, the job of managing public services becomes efficient and effective, making lives of citizens safe and comfortable.

Social Business

Cloud computing allows for global access to documents, data and media and encourages and enables more efficient computer use and hence a hub to protect the entire system is mandatory to monitor the whole nation’s security; we provide central intelligence system through our cloud model.


There must be a strict license verification is needed in order to strictly put a regulation on imports and exports of a country. We provide support in evaluating the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) which describes the item and licensing requirements.


After the tremendous growth in the telecom industry it has been now facing high security challenges that could be either information security or misuse of sensitive information. A regulating body has to put a proper check on it so as to maintain smooth and proper functioning of the system.

Security and Resilience

Computers have pervasive roles in military operations and management--on-board devices, communications, command and control, intelligence, logistic management, and the research and development.

Transportation Systems

Identifying what it takes to be resilient and acting on that knowledge will be vital to achieving growth, safety, and security within the global community. A good nation must incorporate all the upgradations for the safety and security of the country.

Public Safety

Role of Education in Growth and Development of citizens is considered one of the most important factors and hence empower the nation through better education. Education has become the fundamental to the growth and development of the nation.


Utilizing the power sources effective and efficiently is the crucial thing for any country, having an digital intelligence system to gain maximum out of it using upgraded sensors, meters for measurement and so on. We provide high end system in protecting the power sources through our system.


It’s high time to look at the e-governance to provide their citizens with a high level of comfortability in utilizing the services provided by the government. Citizens must be educated properly in utilizing the government services.

Public Transport

Many factors influence health status and a country's ability to provide quality health services for its people. Technology innovation in providing quick services is the major one among them. We came with a smarter approach in providing the medical services so as make it convenient to the citizens of the country.


Government organizations are being measured to be more productive with fewer resources. One way to accomplish these results is through the intelligent use of mobile technology. Citizens must be enabled with increasingly mobile workforce to securely access high-quality digital government services.

Border Security

oil and gas in developing countries could serve as a key driver for promoting economic growth and political stability and are essential, high-value commodities for both industrialized and developing countries, this industry directly affects the global economy.


It is very difficult to attract businesses, homeowners or other investors to neighborhoods that have significant crime or that are perceived as being unsafe and hence public safety is the core thing a country must think about. Innovative technologies and high end monitoring systems can be an effective measure.


A smarter railway system for better transportation.
A countries development is majorly considered on how fast they can ship the goods within the country and make it available and in the second phase how fast people can travel.


National Security is a Priority

Verio is a solution that provides cross-border security management. Managing the border of a country, campus or even a community whilst tracking the movements of people, goods or money can be an expensive and a time consuming process. Verio provides comprehensive solutions to clients who want more vigilant monitoring, processing, tracking, and analysis of all movements. We offer our client’s full-automation and consolidation of their pre-existing technology to maximize efficiency and reduce overhead costs with quality and security. Our renowned biometric solutions can be fully modified and implemented to support any aspect of the Verio platform. Built on Oracle technologies, our suite includes Verio Finance, Travel, Campus, Cargo and Customs.