Tourism in the 21st century.

Stay up-to-date on the movement of people, goods, and currency across your borders.

In 2015, over 1.3 billion people spending upwards of $1.5 trillion USD are predicted to travel. The tourism industry alone drives a significant portion of the GDP of each country in the world and that is only expected to grow as we strengthen our interconnectedness and global dependency.

Meet Verio.

Verio makes Cities Smarter and Safer.

Tomorrow’s tourism intelligence platform in today’s countries, cities and businesses. Veriotec offers a simple proposition: to collect and analyze data from a variety of sources within the borders of its deployment and create easy-to-understand and detailed information on the movement of people, goods, or money.

World class platform made by experts across Globe.

Although we make it sound simple, Verio is a product of our own team of globally-skilled engineers, developers, consultants and advisors along with our significant relationships with Oracle, IBM, VMWARE and the global telecommunications sector working on a collaborative way to create meaningful business intelligence out of mass amounts of pre-existing untouched data.

World class comfort, safety and security at your finger tips.

We are not only working to strengthen the tourism industry in countries around the world, but also to maintain safe and secure borders, cities, and financial service sectors in order to shift away from traditional means of tourism and move toward a 21st century trusted traveller platform. .

International Tourism 2015

International tourist arrivals (ITA):1133 million
International tourism receipts (ITR): US$ 1245 billion

Visitor Intelligence

How much do you know about your visitors?

Decrease your risk, and maximize the economic impact of tourism.

The travel industry comes in waves; don’t be caught under the blue.

Inbound tourism by purpose of visit, 2014

Inbound tourism by mode of transport, 2014

Verio can understand who visited, where they went, and where they will be going next.